Thursday, March 23, 2006

I had a great b-day weekend, followed by the worst week ever.

I was so happy to hang out with some old friends on Friday. They have toddlers, so I feel secure in calling them old friends. I am always worried when I see friends from a past life that things are going to feel awkward and unfamiliar; maybe even pushed in an effort to get these new lives to try to recognize each other. There may gave been a small glimmer of that feeling for me, but mostly years just shed away and I felt comfortable. It felt right. Thank you, Becky, Al, et al, for giving me a great kick start to the perfect weekend.

Next off to the Beer Cellar with my IBP family. I would love to give you all a complete run down of everything that happened, but I can't remember. I know I had a great time. I know that I ended up at a friend's house, my truck ended up at yet another friend's house. I was really hungover, but it was worth it. Tony, the oranges did help me to feel better, thank you.

I spent Sat night with James at the clubs. I was a little weary at first, literally, because of the hangover, but then everything shifted into overdrive and I had the time of my life. We went over to a friends house and ended up watching movies all night. I watch Magnolia while myself being pretty fucked up. It was great.

Sunday, I spent eating dinner and playing cards with Gevais and the Chase girls. You guys, I wouldn't know what to do without you. You are the best.

Tuesday, I caught strep throat. I have never felt this sick in my life. My fever got up to 103. I forced myself to get up Wednesday morning to go to the doctor, only I realized I had left my wallet at my Andrea's home, who lives outside the beltway. So I drove all the way out there, then all the way back, trying not to vomit. Finally saw the doctor and got my pills. Back home. Dennis is out of town all week in NYC, so at least he is in no danger of getting sick, but unfortunately for me, I am all alone. I hate it. I keep falling in and out of consciousness. Well, that part I actually like. Today, I am feeling a little better, I just wish the fever would go away. And, I wish something interesting would come on the TV. God, I am bored.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Life lesson #32: NEVER use super glue while naked.

Friday, March 03, 2006

So, tonight is the last night of me working the night desk at the Alley theatre. If I didn't have the worst cold known to man, I would be doing cartwheels around Bayou Place right now. All I really want to do is go home, get into bed, and watch reruns of The Golden Girls.


Also, I have a birthday coming up and no idea how I want to celebrate. Any suggestions? If anyone wants to buy me a prostitute, it would be greatly appreciated.
That's just a joke. Kinda. Not really.


Have you ever looked at your hands and thought, "these can't possibly belong to me"?


I was thining today how funny it would be if gay marriage was legalized and we could go on Divorce Court. Can't you just imagine how funny that would be? "Your Honor, he would go out to the bathhouse everynight." "Well, he wasn't giving me what I needed at home, your Honor."


Finally, I want you to know that I am seriously considering getting really drunk tonight, even though I have a cold and should go home to bed (and stop smoking). But, no. Not me. This is who I am, I don't do what is good for me. I'm like a spoiled child rebelling against parents that don't exist. Wish me luck.


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